Apply to be a Vendor at the 2015 Annual CRHD Conference for Rural Housing and Development

Dear friends of the Georgia Council for Housing and Rural Development

Did you know that being a vendor at the upcoming conference in Savannah comes with these added benefits:

  1. The upcoming Savannah CRHD annual meeting will likely be the best attended in years.
    Over 25,000 apartment units will be represented.
  2. Most of the RD and rural LIHTC owners and management firms will be represented.
  3. These owners and managers will spend about $100 million in goods and services this year.
  4. If you sign up as a vendor, you get to make your presentation at a general session of the conference.
  5. You will be invited to a Vendors’ Coffee for lead sharing and introduction to key owners and managers.
  6. You will be offered help with booth set-up.
  7. And there is no added charge for these benefits.
  8. If you don’t attend, you’ll miss out on the best value in marketing you can have.
  9. This is where you call Janice Anderson or me to reserve your space and take advantage of this great opportunity.

Owners and Managers prefer to do business with firms that attend CRHD functions. Make this the year you grow your business with CRHD members.

See You in Savannah!

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